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Taiwan Companion is  born

A new digital frontier for businesses has been unveiled with the initiation of "Taiwan Companion," a digital yellow pages service. Unlike traditional listings, Taiwan Companion offers a unique proposition: customers can purchase comprehensive Taiwanese business listings tailored for marketing campaigns. Ideal for those looking to embark on mailing initiatives or to contact potential clients, the platform provides these listings in easily accessible CSV and Excel formats. With the convenience of instant downloads post-purchase, marketers are poised to benefit greatly from this innovative digital resource.


Linkou Lab, a web design alternative

The digital landscape for small businesses is set to evolve as "Linkou Lab" launches its operations. Specializing in Responsive Web Design (RWD) services, Linkou Lab aims to empower small businesses by enhancing their digital identity. Recognizing the critical role of a strong online presence in today's market, the lab's primary mission is to help brands bolster sales by providing a seamless browsing experience across various devices. As small businesses vie for a digital edge, Linkou Lab emerges as a beacon for their branding aspirations.


Trade Companion

The international trade arena welcomes a new key player with the launch of "Trade Companion." Offering specialized consultation in import and export procedures, this enterprise goes beyond traditional advisory roles. Businesses can now hire Trade Companion as their dedicated agent, acting as a robust bridge between suppliers and buyers. Their unique approach not only assists in locating the right partners but also emphasizes on promoting sales and maximizing product exposure in global markets. As globalization continues its rapid pace, Trade Companion promises to be the trusted ally for businesses navigating international waters.



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